Credit life insurance

Credit life insurance — it is a guarantee of repayment of consumer loans

Lending to come into our lives as usual financial product offered by many banks and credit organizations. Range of credit products is very wide. If earlier to take the credit could afford mainly large organizations or businesses, but today, this service is available to any person who has a regular income and is considered the solvent. Some, evaluating their financial capabilities, process several loans in several lending institutions. But, looking at the view or the amount of processing the loan - it is always a big financial responsibility. A response to this responsibility - it depends on the life and health of the borrower.

Insurance company Jubilee Kyrgyzstan successfully implementing Credit life Insurance of borrowers. The purpose of this program is to provide financial protection for the borrower in unexpected situations. Now every borrower has the ability to insure risks associated directly with his life and health.

What are the main benefits of the Credit Life Insurance of the borrower?

For a credit institution or a bank - a reliable protection against default of the loan portfolio by reducing the losses caused by the death or incapacity of the Borrower, as well as increased competitive advantage by providing additional services.

For borrowers - that improve the quality of the loan agreement and the guarantee of repayment of the loan, and the availability of insurance in case of early repayment of the loan. Acquired peace in the family and confident performance of debt obligations can characterize insurance as a modern lifestyle.

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