Accident, theft, banal disorderly conduct is not only painful hit on the family budget, but also rob us of a lot of time and nerves. Is it any hope that this will never happen to your vehicle?

We offer you to take the initiative in your own hands. Choosing the insurance from Jubilee Kyrgyzstan, first of all, you get the peace of mind for their property and the additional assurance that the damage caused by the fault of your own worries about that also take the insurance company Jubilee Kyrgyzstan.


Motor Insurance

Your vehicle will be insured against the following risks:

- Damage due to accident

- Damage caused by illegal actions of third parties

- Fire

- Theft or embezzlement


Our advantages:
  1. We will repair your damaged vehicle in the workshops of "EVI-Auto Center" or other best autoworkshops in Bishkek.

  2. Our claims officer provides consulting support, and departures to the accident place within Bishkek 24 hours a day. In case of loss accident, call:0555 75 25 99

  3. We will pay the additional expenses up to 200 US dollars for shipping damaged vehicles.


How much does insurance cost?

From 3.0% to 4.5% of the insured sum of the car

For more detailed information you can contact the specialists of Jubilee Kyrgyzstan +996 (312) 66 00 44.


Motor Third Party Liability Insurance

If you found guilty an accident, we will pay all the costs of loss of the victim.

The limit of liability you choose for yourself!


The policy covers your car insurance coverage, but guarantees compensation of damage to property or the health of the car owner, which you caused the damage.


The insurance premium varies from liability limits specified below:

Limit of liability (US dollars) Annual premium (US dollars)
5 000 35
10 000 60
25 000 135
50 000 160


Personal Accident Insurance in Result of Traffic Accident

Under this policy are insured the driver and passengers of the insured vehicle in case of death, loss of sight, loss of limbs, disability caused by an accident. The insurance premium depends on the sum insured selected by the insured and the maximum number of seats in the car.

Insurance rates

Driver and passengers

Insured sum for 1 (one) person (US dollars)

Premium for 1 (one)

seat in the car (US dollars)

5 000

10 000

25 000




Excess* – 50 US dollars

Medical Expenses Insurance in Result of Traffic Accident

Under this policy emergency medical expenses are covered occurred in result of motor accident.

Medical expenses

For a person

(US dollars)

Premium for 1 (one)

seat in the car

(US dollars)










Excess – 25 US dollars each and every loss

*Excess – this is a part of the loss, not to be reimbursed by the insurance company and paid by the insured