Instructions in case of travelers medical expenses claims

At any time, upon the occurrence of an insured event, before taking any action, please contact the Center for Service Company emergency contact phone numbers specified in the insurance policy, and report:

a. Insurance policy number;

b. Name the insured person;

c. Period of insurance;

d. Location;

e. Contact phone number for the feedback;

f. Detailed description of the circumstances of the accident and the type of assistance required.


Twenty-four hours at occurrence of accident

Wait for a response phone call from the service of the company and follow the instructions received.

You are free to pay for your medical care only after consultation with service companies and obtain written confirmation. With self-payment must be preserved until the end of the trip all the documents confirming the payment of services rendered.

If medical expenses made ​​by you, in the terms established in the insurance contract, you must apply to the office of JUBILEE KYRGYZSTAN Insurance Company claims settlement statement about the production insurance indemnity and submit the following documents:

g. Identity document of the insured person;

h. Insurance policy (insurance contract);

i. Receipt of payment of the insurance premium;

j. International passport or a copy of the pages with photos, visa stamped on entry / exit abroad;

k. Original of the inquiry account of the medical institution (on letterhead or properly stamped) with the patient's name, diagnosis, date of access to medical care, the duration of treatment, a list of the services provided with a breakdown of dates and costs, the final amount to be paid;

l. Originals recipes associated with the disease and discharged by the attending physician, with the stamp of the pharmacy, as well as payment by check, indicating the value of each purchase of medicines;

m. Original direction of the attending physician on the passage through laboratory studies and laboratory based on date, name and cost of services rendered;

n. Other documents describing the circumstances of the insured event and the amount of expenses incurred.

Advice on further settlement of the claim you get in the office.