August 27, 2014

Results of Jubilee Kyrgyzstan for 2013

As per information provided by the State Service for Regulation and Financial Market Supervision under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic on gross written premiums and paid losses by the Kyrgyz insurance companies for 2013, total market gross written premiums amounted to 967.8 ml soms which is by 15% more than for the respective period of prior year. Paid losses in the first half-year of 2014 amounted to 92.5 ml soms (33.8 ml soms for 2012).

“Jubilee Kyrgyzstan Insurance Company” CJSC keeps its position within top five companies on local insurance market. Total gross written premium for the period amounted to 50.68 ml soms (5% of total market GWP), paid losses amounted to 3.50 ml soms (4% of total market payments). The Company observes increase of GWP for 18.76 ml soms or by59% in comparison with respective period of 2012. At that, paid losses increased for 2.39 ml soms or by 214% in comparison with respective period of 2012.

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